Common causes of non-pregnancy

Not every couple is fortunate enough to get pregnant within the first year of their marriage and have to face a lot of problems in this regard. Almost 80% of the couples will get pregnant within the first year of their marriage. This is article is for those 20% people who can't get pregnant within the first year of their marriage or have to face problems for getting pregnancy. In this article, I shall be discussing some important causes of not getting pregnant and their treatments as well.


One of the most hindering things for pregnancy is smoking or male or female. If your female partner is a smoker then there is a greater probability that she will be infertile as compared to non-smoker females. According to doctors, nicotine in cigarettes can cause the destruction of female's egg and can also destroy the fertility of a male's semen. These are the two most important things for pregnancy and if you destroy them, your chances of getting pregnant will reduce manifold.

Alcohol or drug abuse

Most people will think of this as stupid, however, there is no doubt that drug like marijuana and alcohol consumption more than normal can cause problems for couples in getting pregnancy. Alcohol consumption in small amount will not create a negative impact on this factor. However, if you are serious about conceiving then cutting alcohol out of your diet will do you no harm for a small time.

Be near to ovulation date

Chances of getting pregnant increase manifold when you have sex near the ovulation of a woman. The closer it is to the ovulation the better it will be for getting pregnant. This is a simple thing and should always be kept in mind in this regard. Especially, if you are in your 40's then you should be well aware of this fact because at such age timing is very crucial.


Many times, the health and sexual conditions of couples are ideal but still, they face difficulties in achieving pregnancy. A major contributing factor in this regard is stress. This is a very menacing problem and if you have lost the ability of controlling your stress then you will have to face a lot of problems in conceiving. Apart from them, you will have to face other problems as well.

Overweight problem

It has been observed that people having the problem of excessive weight have to face the problem of non-pregnancy more than slim people. Some people tackle with this problem in a totally wrong way. They start skipping their meals and, believe it or not, this will only make things more difficult for them. If you have to be smart, the best option is to avoid being fat because once you have gained weight, coming back is not an easy thing. You might be able to achieve your goal of losing weight but in doing so you will destroy some other part of your body. These are some helpful things to know in getting pregnant.