Scientists have made many new things for the easiness of mankind. Sometimes these things become the cause of many other problems which have no solution. The best example of such invention is vehicle. Everyone knows its advantage that it can be used for the transportation purpose. The big disadvantage of its use is noise and air pollution. Due to such types of pollution, people are getting different types of health problems. In this article I shall discuss about the common sexual problem in females and its effective treatment.

Infertility in females is quite common in many females. Some of the women do not care about it and do not consult with any professional doctor about this sexual problem. After sometime this sexual problem becomes the cause of other health problems. Infertility in female is caused by the restrictive growth of special hormones. If such hormones become inactive then they can take such hormones orally in the form of tablets to treat the infertility of a woman. These hormones help in evacuation of eggs from the ovary. It is necessary for the fertilization process that eggs reach in the uterus of female so that sperm can converge into it. In short, eggs formation is necessary for the fertilization that is carried out by the hormones. Well, if we talk about the doses of Clomid then you will get that 50 mg dose is sold in market. No other dose is available in market. Always use this dose according to the schedule for proper treatment. If you did not remember of taking the dose then avoid the double dose next time. A double dose will be considered as an overdose which is harmful and hazardous for the health. Most of the people become the victim of these side effects due to the overdose of this medicine.

Clomid is also known as clomiphene in medical field. Many chemists and professional doctors are used to this name. Although, there are many medicines which are used for the same purpose but most of the doctors will suggest you Clomid. Its action time is very small so with the help of this medicine you can treat infertility in short period of time. Millions of females have used this medicine and find it best for female infertility. They were very happy after becoming a mother due to the use of Clomid. If you are also suffering from the same sexual problem then you should use it according to the prescription of your doctor. Many medicines effects positively or negatively on the efficiency of medicine but Clomid has no interaction with other medicines. Your doctor may have better knowledge about the interaction of Clomid with other medicines so do not forget to consult with him. Side effects are the part of Clomid like other medicines. You should learn about them before its use. Ask your doctor about the use of other medicine if you are suffering for any of the side effects. This is a complete summary of the use of Clomid.

The Best Choice For Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

The lives of people have become so busy and they find very short time for their family as well as for their own selves. Most of the people go to their jobs in morning and come back in evening. Such a hectic schedule does not allow them to spend their time with their family and friends. Besides this, they also do not care about their own health and remain busy in different activities. Showing such attitude towards the health causes serious problem to their health. Doctors always suggest people to come the clinic for complete medical checkup. A complete medical checkup allows the doctor to know more about your health and fitness. He also asks for some medical tests if required to identify the health disease. In such a way, the doctor diagnoses the medical problem at initial stage and it becomes easy for them to treat it. So in present days, everyone should include meeting with a doctor after a month in his schedule because it is the guarantee of a good health. This was the general knowledge related to health and fitness but here we are going to talk about the remedy of a sexual problem in women. This sexual problem is known as Ovulatory dysfunction. In this problem, the woman cannot conceive because ovulation does not occur. Clomid is one of those medicines which are being used for its treatment. There are many advantages of Clomid over other medicines being used for same purpose. Clomid is easily available in market and its activity inside the body is very effective. Clomid carries fewer side effects unlike other medicines. Its side effects will only prominent when you will start taking Clomid according to your own routine rather than following doctor’s advice.

Clomid is found in different doses like 50 mg and 100 mg. Both doses are effective against infertility of woman but the use of right dose is necessary. The doctor prescribes a dose after knowing the health condition of the patient. If the patient is old and weak, then he may not bear the heavy dose of Clomid. Doctors suggest these people to use Clomid of low dose. The use Clomid of lower strength will not badly effect on the health of user. One thing should be kept in mind that the use of Clomid may be the cause of multiple births during pregnancy. This is the risk factor for both woman and her children. But the chances of multiple births are very rare but it is associated with Clomid use.

Side effects of Clomid

Side effects are potential hazards caused by the use of medicines. Clomid use also carries some side effects but these side effects are not very harmful and remain for a short period of time. The woman can recover from these side effects easily in a few days by following the advice of her doctor. Here are some side effects of Clomid:

Some of them are common side effects and some are less common but you should try to avoid them as much as possible.

Clomiphene pills

Medicines are made for the treatment of health problems and they should be used according to the doctor's prescription. There are many people who do not give importance to the advice of their doctor but try to use the medicine according to their previous observation. They even do not know what other medicines can effect if they are taken along with the current medicine. To save a few pennies, they prefer to use the medicine on behalf of their own knowledge. This is a very wrong attitude of people towards their health. People are highly recommended to consult to a professional doctor rather than using medicine without any prescription. In this article, I will try my level best to give you knowledge about a medicine called as Clomid (Clomiphene or Clomifene). This medicine comes in the form of tablets and being sold with three brand names i.e. Clomid, Mirophene and Serophene. If you are unable to find this medicine by Clomid name then you can use other names because all of them have same chemical composition. What is the main purpose of using Clomiphene? We all know that sexual problems are increasing very rapidly and now a lot of people are suffering with sexual problems. There are sexual problems with both men and women. This medicine is used for the treatment of sexual problems for both men and women. Women take this medicine for their infertility treatment and men take it to increase their sperm count.

Common causes of non-pregnancy

Let us discuss about the use of Clomid for women infertility treatment. Due to some causes, the release of hormones may be interrupted which are considered very essential for ovulation. Without the release of these hormones, the ovulation cannot occur and the woman cannot be ready for sexual intercourse. The process of ovulation does occur in menstrual cycle and doctors also recommend this medicine during this period. There is a treatment period of this type of infertility in which woman has to take this medicine regularly according to doctor's suggestion. The available doses of Clomid are 50 mg and 100 mg. The doctor does a complete body checkup before prescribing a specific dose. In this checkup, he tries to know the health condition of the patient and ask her about the medicines she is currently using. After knowing these things, he either recommends 50 mg or 100 mg dose. Initially, most of the doctors start with 50 mg dose. If the patient does not get satisfactory results after taking 50 mg dose on regular basis, then doctor increase the dose considering many other things.

In men, the use of Clomid increases the numbers of sperms and increases the chances of fertilization to occur. In many cases, fertilization does not occur due to the lack of sperm count. Affected men can solve this problem by taking this medicine regularly as per doctor's directions. There are more than 90 percent chances that they will get their desired results within a few weeks. This is the wide knowledge about the use of Clomid.

Maintaining good health after pregnancy is something that many women desire to have in order to be able to maintain their earlier physique...